Canda Johnson – Office Manager

Canda is our office manager and started with our practice in June of 1998. She was in the field as a technician before moving to the office full time as the office manager many years ago. She is indispensable as a practice resource and she juggles hundreds of different tasks for us on a daily basis. She is our expert in so many arenas including but not limited to credentialing, spectacles, insurance, hiring, payroll, etc, etc….She is so kind hearted and has a real desire for our practice to provide the absolute best care for our patients. She lives in Mansfield, TX with her fiance, her son and 2 step daughters. She loves spending time with family and friends and you can find her at any sporting event or concert every chance she gets. Her love of music ranges from “You gotta listen to this” to “I know, please don’t judge me”. LET’S GO MAVS.

Nycole Howell – Insurance Verification Specialist

Nycole is our Insurance verification specialist. She started with the company in 2007 as the lead technician and assistant for Dr. Munson and years ago moved into the office to handle all insurance verification and many other duties including scheduling and demographics. She is an absolute pleasure to have in the company and is steadfast and diligent in keeping all manner of things lined up for the doctors and staff in the field. She currently lives in Wylie, TX but grew up in Fort Worth. She has one son and two dogs. In her free time she likes to be outdoors and spend time with family and friends.

Amy Strother – Doctor Scheduling, Marketing, Logistics, and Social Worker Liaison

Amy started with Mobile Vision Care in February of 2020 but she 20+ years of experience in her field and she is the absolute best at what she does. She is one of these powerful little engines that help drive a practice forward and her attitude and faith are the driving force that make us all better. She lives inSachse, TX and has been married to her incredible husband, Jerry, for over 30 years. She has one beautiful daughter, Jessica. She has 2 dogs named Santa Paws and Gingerbread. She enjoys going to church and helping others. She likes to read, hike, and go on adventures.

Lauran Stevenson – Ophthalmic Lab Technician and Lead Field Tech Trainer

Lauran is our ophthalmic lab technician with over 3 years experience as an optician, ophthalmic technician, doctor assistant, and is our go-to for composing our patient’s eyeglasses. She is also our new hire training expert for anyone who will be assisting the doctors. She resides in the small town of Blue Ridge, TX with her boyfriend of 6 years and one of her two bonus sons. Lauran is an avid crafter and enjoys creating new things. During the summer you can find her out of the water catching fish from her kayak or traveling to a new destination with her friends and family. In the winter months you might find her cuddled up to her cats. Her personality and laugh are infectious and it is bound to rub off on you and make your day better if you are lucky enough to encounter it.